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Content and Concepts That Deliver

Writing good copy is about understanding how to connect with a total stranger. Actually, it's even more than that. Engaging content is the product of a well-versed observer. Someone who sees things from the outside looking in and can ask the questions that define cosepts and engage the the reader, or listener, or looker.

Skilled in Pre and Post Web Ad Mediums.

Aged and Experienced.

Harlan has been consulting and creating web content since 1994. He has seen and been a part of the world wide web's evolution since leaving his role in broadcast television in 1993.  Harlan excels in the gifts of observation and finding a fresh perspective -- seeing creative concepts outside of the obvious or instructional narrative.

"These days anyone can have a website or post on a variety of social media apps. Access to everything keeps getting easier... for everyone. The challenge is -- as it has has always been -- creating original content and understanding how to make it work for you and the products or services you offer." 

Frank's creative and resourceful strategies have provided successful marketing and public exposure campaigns for retailers, restaurants, entertainment, public events and destination locations.


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