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Because Pre-Sales are the Best Sales

Whether you are A Dance Company, Small Theatre Group, a Band on the road, or Fundraising for a Non-Profit Organization, selling tickets online in advance of your event sets you up for success. 

Frank has spent more than a decade providing ticket sales marketing and management for International Ballet Theatre, Bellevue's Premier Ballet Company.

He is currently IBT's Integrated Marketing Strategist. Since 2010 he has used and several online ticket sales service portals with their individual applications and fee structures. This knowledge in the evolution of such services and how they operate is invaluable to any event producer.


1-on-1 Tutoring and Consulting Guaranteed to Straighten Out the Learning Curve.

If the current challenge for you is "Where Do I Start?" or "How can we lower service fees to our customers?" based on you needs, Frank can guide you in the direction that is right for you.

The goal with any client is to get you from needing Frank's support. His intention is to set you up to do it youself or to train a member of your organization.

Contact Frank for all the details.

Photos: International Ballet Theatre - Bellevue
Courtesy of Rex Tranter

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