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Frank Harlan

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As a Creative Producer and Comedic Performance Artist, Frank Harlan has had hundreds of opportunities to incorporate his experience and creative skill set to independently produce and be a part of dozens of other corporate and independent producer’s special event productions.

For more than 25 years, Frank Harlan planned, performed, and played host to hundreds of special events in Washington and throughout the United States. His client list has included some of the world’s most recognized corporations, internationally renowned music & arts festivals and non-profit organizations.

Although semi-retired, Frank continues to use his creative skills set to write and preside over dozens of non-religious wedding ceremonies annually, and often assists many of those same couples in creating their Wedding Day Celebration.

The photographs featured on this page are of Frank Harlan as a variety of interactive and comedic characters he has performed as throughout his life as an entertainer and with his Comedy Troupe, Social Circumstances.

photos: Vince Gipson
Loco Gigante.JPG

"Professionally I've been interacting with strangers my whole life. Having a lead role inside hundreds of interactive environments and special events has given me a perpective on people of all ages and cultures only available from that place."

-F. Harlan

"As a comedic entertainer, my body of work includes performing in improv theater, touring as an Artist in Residence, comedic entertainer and team building facilitator, producer of special interest videos, award-winning television programming and educational videos, publishing and merchandising. In the early 90's I made the transition from television to the world wide web, using my experiences as a copy writer to craft engaging copy, create solid SEO content and define the architectural structure of websites. I have been passionate about the web as a powerful niche marketing resource ever since."

"As a Comedic Performance Artist, I hosted events for international corporations as a multitude of interactive characters from an egocentric French chef to a guy who hustles dental hygienic products from a big over coat. I got to do a lot of cooperate pranks too."

~Frank Harlan

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