Frank Harlan

As a Creative Producer and Comedic Performance Artist, Frank Harlan has had hundreds of opportunities to incorporate his eclectic knowledge base and creative skill set to independently produce, and be a part of dozens of other corporate and independent producer’s businesses and projects.
Although semi-retired, Frank is always involved in a project or two and is open to being apart of the creative process.
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The photographs featured on this page are of Frank Harlan as a variety of interactive and comedic characters he has performed as throughout his life as an entertainer.
More info at BoyManDude
photos: Vince Gipson
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"Professionally I've been interacting with strangers my whole life. Having a lead role inside hundreds of interactive environments and special events has given me a perpective on people of all ages and cultures only available from that place."

-F. Harlan

If your marketing "To Do" list has stifled your forward movement, perhaps someone looking in from the outside can give you a fresh perspective and assist in redefining your marketing and public relations strategies.

"As a Comedic Performance Artist, I hosted events for international corporations as a multitude of interactive characters from an egocentric French chef to a guy who hustles dental hygienic products from a big over coat. I got to do a lot of cooperate pranks too."

~Frank Harlan