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Repurposed graphic concepts on casual garments worn and exploited by Musicians, Artists, Influencers, Creatives, and Regular Folk.


Last Door on the Left (LDOTL)is a Virtual Marketplace that sells Stupid Sh*t, Cool Sh*t, Dumb Sh*t, and Sh*t you probably don't need. But honestly, it's irresistible.


Most people would agree that LDOTL garments offer a superior collection of original repurposed images and contemporary graphic concepts with a retro underground flavor.

Nearly 400 different graphic concepts to choose from! Available on T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts for all genders. Plus unusual Greeting Cards, Skateboard Deck Art, Stickers, and some other odds and ends. Use the CLICK HERE LINK to see all of the LDOTL COLLECTIONS.


"For many people a t-shirt is more than just a casual every day garment. The t-shirt you pull over your head says a lot about you -- the things you connect with bands, musicians and sports teams you support, your social interests and politics."

One of the things I love the most about technology is that it is constantly providing creative opportunities for people like me. After bouncing around Artist Shops, I was inspired, and it took me to a place I love to play.

(OH NOOOOOO! Frank's going on a ramble...

Quick! CLICK HERE, go to the Last Door On The Left and avoid all of these extra words.)

In my past (early 90's), I was employed as a commissioned Sales Rep at Emerald City Sales. I represented more than four dozen lines of music and pop culture related manufacturers for a variety of licensed merchandise: t-shirts, posters, hats, calendars and related dry goods. I've seen hundreds of thousands of graphics and sold thousands of t-shirts all over the world.

(I Warned You... Seriously, open the Last Door On The Left and come inside.)

Personally, I have easily cycled through at least 1,000 t-shirts in my lifetime. And, designed several for crews and production teams on various projects through the years.

I believe that a t-shirt has the power to turn any person into a human billboard. Some people prefer to be Branded while others, more independently minded, avoid those images like a plague. The latter, my peps.

As a late 70's early 80's punk rock guy with green hair, your t-shirt (and hair cut/color) was one of the best ways to find your tribe."

In the past creating and printing t-shirts as a side project or small business was never a cost-effective proposition because it required one to invest up front, hold a lot of back stock and have a big enough line of products to engage the public’s interest over and over again for an extended period of time. A seriously challenging proposition. Plus, all those other details like demographics and hoping the right people came along and love it enough to shell out a few bucks to get one.


Now. Finally, I have my weird little t-shirt shoppe.



Explore, shop and please close the door on your way out.*

*Even if you're not dropping bank to support any of our Last Door causes, we hope you will be inspired and, with the actions you choose to take under future circumstances, show your support for Performance & Visual Artists, your local Farmer's Market, other Urban Farmers and Tree Huggers.

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