Hi, I’m Frank Harlan

an integrated marketing strategist and wordsmith with an extensive history in interactive entertainment. And, hands-on knowledge in a variety of old school ad formats -- television, radio, and print. I feel lucky to be oddly creative and deeply invested in successfully exploiting online marketing resources.
I have proven to be successful in the creation of content and use of current platforms and social media trends.

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The rise of MTV in 1982 set a lot of investors in search of the next music trend. A few tried creating UHF TV Channels in small markets. I was one of the first Video Jocks in Anchorage, Alaska. I had the 10AM-2AM shift live on the air. A tiny booth with a single light, a camera locked in talking head shot. A bank of 5 - 3/4" video tape players and with my right hand out of shot -- fade down video, fade up camera and your audio at the same time, perform the VJ Break live, intro upcoming bands, pull down audio, dissolve to commercial break, then jump up and manually switch out video tapes and cue up the next to play.

BSV Set - circa 1991

After arriving in Seattle 1987, Frank purchased an infomercial slot on Thursday nights at 1:AM on KSTW TV11 and began broadcasting his weekly TV Series, "Bombshelter Videos." 13 weeks on he was generating 40,000 weekly viewers in Seattle, Eastern WA and Vancouver BC. By 1989 Frank had changed channels  offered a Fridays at midnight time slot on KTZZ TV22 where the program aired weekly until1993.

Bombshelter Videos currently resides in the archives at MoPop the Museum of Pop Cultue in Seattle. As well as 39 episodes of NorthWest Rock, a series featuring NorthWest Artists and hosted by Mud Honey, Hammer Box, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Tad and several other popular bands of that era in Seatttle.

Utilikilt Company - circa 2004

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