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Frank Harlan

As a Creative Producer, Comedic Performance Artist and Integrated Marketing Geek, Frank Harlan has had hundreds of opportunities to incorporate his eclectic knowledge base and creative skillset to independently produce, and be a part of dozens of other corporate and independent producer’s businesses and projects.
The photographs featured on this page are of Frank Harlan as a variety of interactive and comedic characters he has performed as throughout his life as an entertainer.
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Always Something Going On...


If you know anything about Frank Harlan, you know he's not one to rest on his laurels. He is always creating something, building something, developing something, and completing another project. Harlan is a passionate creative producer who keeps a pace that can be exhausting (to others).

As a hobbyist landscaper, farmer and home improvement fanatic he loves getting his hands dirty and investing himself 100% into whatever project he is involved with -- be it remodeling a house or the architecture structure of a website, pruning his Japanese Maples or developing and maintaining an on-going integrated marketing campaign.

A Compilation of Frank Information

This website was originally created to document Frank Harlan's public projects and activities. Plus, a way to historically document his past work in television and live performance. But as he has evolved so has the ways he explores his skillset. These days, Frank produces and performs non-religious weddings for secular couples.


However, for fans of Harlan's punk rock days and Northwest Music Icon past, take some time to bounce around his online portfolio of hype on the Bombshelter Videos link. These pages are in a constant state of update because we keep finding things in boxes.

"Professionally I've been interacting with strangers my whole life. Having a lead role inside hundreds of interactive environments and special events has given me a perpective on people of all ages and cultures only available from that place."

-F. Harlan

Although semi-retired, Frank is always involved in a project or two and is open to being apart of the creative process.
If your marketing "To Do" list has stifled your forward movement, perhaps someone looking in from the outside can give you a fresh perspective and assist in redefining your marketing and public relations strategies.

"As a Comedic Performance Artist, I hosted events for international corporations as a multitude of interactive characters from an egocentric french chef to a guy who hustles dental hygenic products from a big over coat. I got to do a lot of corparate pranks too."

~Frank Harlan