A Compilation of Frank Information

This website was originally created to promote Frank's public projects and activities. Plus, a way to historically document his past work in television and live performance throughout the Pacific Northwest.


So, for fans of Harlan's punk rock days and Northwest Music Icon past (1983-93), take some time to bounce around his online portfolio of hype on the Bombshelter Videos link. These pages are in a constant state of update because we keep finding things in boxes.

However, as Harlan has evolved so has the ways he employees his writing and live performance skill set. These days, as a CeCertified Humanist Celebrant, Frank produces and performs non-religious weddings for couples of all genders... more than 700 to date.

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Always Something Going On...


If you know anything about Frank Harlan, you know he's not one to rest on his laurels. Harlan is a passionate artist who is always creating something, learning something or walking his dog Crusoe (a GSP).

As an ageing punk rock guy, hobbyist landscaper and stanch environmentalist Harlan loves getting his hands dirty and invests himself 100% into whatever project he is involved with -- growing heirloom tomatoes for the Food Bank, defining the content and the architectural structure of a website, or mindfully pruning a Japanese Maple.

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