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12 Guests or Less

& Micro-Lounge

Anyone who has tried to find a place to host an intimate elopement wedding knows that options are often limited to public parks, beaches, hotel suites, AirBNBs and private dining rooms at local restaurants – all great choices, and each offering its own set of challenges.


An intimate wedding and casual gathering at FranMo Urban Farm’s 12 Guests or Less Wedding Studio & Micro-Lounge is the perfect prelude to brunch or dinner with your guests at one of Seattle’s popular Restaurants.


"Keeping guests comfortable pre and post ceremony is always a concern of couples putting together such an intimate and personal affair."


The Wedding Studio and Lounge at FranMo was specifically created by Frank Harlan to host an intimate elopement-style wedding and be a comfortable environment for the social hour celebration and Newlywed's photo shoot that follows.

The Wedding Studio at FranMo will be open to host events beginning March 2020.

Site visits and bookings available beginning January 2020.

Photo: The beautiful 112-year old Cedar tree outside the wedding studio.