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Serving CO, PA, WI, IL, NV, KS, MA & DC

Online Virtual Wedding, produced and presided over by Frank Harlan, can take place at any location through your Laptop, Tablet or Cell Phone from his Wedding Studio in Seattle, Washington. Due to individual State Solemnization (marriage) Laws he is only available to provide these services to couples residing in these states: Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Illinois, Nevada, Kansas, and Maine.* 

Couples who prefer a little guidance and would like to work with an experienced virtual event producer to plan and organize their Virtual Wedding Celebration have discovered the creative offerings of Frank Harlan.

Contact Frank for all the details today.


Depending on the App, your Virtual Wedding Ceremony may be attended by Live and Virtual Guests or just be the two of you with Frank presiding over a very intimate (and very virtual) wedding.

Truth be known, thanks to Native Americans and Quakers, the states listed above do not require a recognized Ordained Clergy Person to preside over a couple’s wedding ceremony. However, some do require two witnesses be present with the couple during the actual "ceremony” -- whatever that may mean to an individual couple.

As a former music video and television program producer, Frank Harlan approaches the concept of a Virtual Wedding differently. His Multi-camera productions allow guests to not just watch your wedding ceremony but feel like they are actually there.

From my experience, like any wedding production, most couples prefer a little consultation and guidance. So, when it comes to adding a virtual element couples want an experienced Wedding Officiant to take them through the steps -- from planning to rehearsal and concluding with their ceremony and first kiss as a married couple.

*This service is not available in this format in Washington State. Although Virtual Guests may attend your wedding presided over by Officiant Frank Harlan.

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