an integrated marketing strategist and internet marketing geek with an extensive history in live entertainment and off-line mediums of television, radio, and print. Lucky to be oddly creative. And, deeply invested in successfully exploiting online marketing resources to the advantage of my clients. ​


Integrated Marketing Geek

"My first computer was a Mac Classic. It was the era of AltaVista, Web Crawler and Lycos. More than a decade before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the concept of smart phones. I guess I've been a geek for a long time."

Unlike most geeks, Frank has always been an extravert whose professional career as an entertainer has centered around deliberately interacting with strangers of all ages, ethnicities and cultures. Having this information and the knowledge gained from these real-life experiences continues to crossover well with digital marketing trends. And, has allowed him to successfully exploit the various online marketing resources as they have evolved, and continue their evolution, since the introduction of the personal computer.

And, although many things have changed over the years, one thing has remained the same, human nature. 

People have a natural desire to be first to Discover, Experience, Witness, Purchase, Own, Explore and most of all they want to be interesting to others. These people are great customers and the ones you want coming through your door. WOM campaigns that follow a memorable experience will provide longevity and grow your customer base. 


With so many online marketing resources, how does one define the traffic generating resources that work best for them?

What's Your Mission?

 I would love to hear about what you are doing to engage customers, what has been your most successful experiential concepts, and your future intentions.

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